A month ago today I welcomed my first guests at Salzquartier and since then there were a few more. It is so nice to see how the hostel is filled with life. There is cooking, guests are talking, sitting in the living room, play boardgames or read and drink tea. Just the way it should be in a hostel.

I am finding my way and develop a routine making rooms, cleaning, organising and doing the books, just the things you do as a hostelowner.

Since April 1st the website with great photos by Morten Strauch is online, whom I know since school as well as webmaster Torben Dierks, who designed this pretty baby for me. A big thank you and thumbs up for both of them!!!

There are still things to do in the hostel, but for sleeping, taking a shower, cooking, relaxing and exploring Lueneburg it is more than enough. Come and see for yourself!