Closed June 28th to 30th

Dear guests, I will continue my walk on the Heidschnuckenweg through the Lueneburg Heath at the end of the month. The guesthouse will be closed from June 28th to 30th. Please check the website of the tourist information for accommodations: Kind regards Karen read more

Minimum stay of two nights on the weekends

Dear guests, on the weekends I have a minimum stay of two nights from friday to sunday. If you would like to stay on a sunday there is also a minimum stay of two nights as monday is my day off. Sometimes there are gaps where one night is possible on a weekend, so please don't hesitate to ask. As I do everything on my own from reception to housekeeping and buying supplies, this is how... read more

Please re-send your emails

I created too many spam filters which caused the deletion of your mails... how embarrassing... Please send your mails again if I haven't answered. The inquiries are sent from my website and were received, so no need to send those again. Sorry for any inconvenience. read more

Problems with receiving emails under welcome@

Hi all, there seems to be an issue with my account. I can't receive emails from the regular providers. Inquiries through my website work and you will receive my response. If you respond, the email gets lost in space or wherever these go ;-) Please contact me on or call during reception hours. Sorry for any inconvienece caused. Hope to solve the problem... read more

Winter break Dec. 18 to Jan. 31 (maybe less long)

Dear guests, the year is nearly over. So fast... This weekend there are still a lot of guests visiting Lueneburg's christmas markets, but from December 18th I am taking a longer break. First I am enjoying a holiday by the sea and in January planing some changes in my guesthouse. I'm not sure if Salzquartier will be closed that long, but I will keep you informed about the re-opening... read more

Short break

Dear guests, I am taking a short break to enjoy some time at the north sea. Back on the 14th. Unit then all the best and kind regards Karen read more

Minimum stay and reduced availabilty

Dear guests, due to continued issues with my left shoulder I have decided to rent out only the rooms on the scond floor (room 1-5) for now. There is also a minimum stay of two nights. Like this I can hopefully relax my shoulder a bit more. Sorry that you won't be able to book single beds in the dorms. Please try the local youth hostel... read more