Looking at my calender I have just realized that today is the 18th of July and that I opened this hostel four months ago. Can’t believe how time flies! Somehow it feels like Salzquartier exists much longer…

I am astonished and thankful how well the hostel is being accepted. Without any advertising. There is this webiste and my facebook page, nothing else. No booking site, no direct bookings via my website, just emails and phonecalls. I am very happy that all your bookings reach me that way.

For sure most of my guests come from Germany, but thinking about all the other countries my guests have come from so far I can’t help but smile 🙂

Norway, Sweden, France, Netherlands, USA, Malaysia, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal come to my mind.

Students, people looking for flats, families, wedding guests, birthday guests and one or the other group have found their way here. Young and old, hostel pros and novices, simply a good mix.

Most stay for a night or a weekend, others a few days or even weeks. What makes me extremly happy is when I enter the kitchen and guests, that didn’t know each other before sit there talking, eating or playing games together. Awesome!

I had a fantastic time with six apprentices and their teachers from the Netherlands that lived here for three weeks. That reminded me a lot of my time as a hostel manager in New Zealand, when the hostel felt like a big shared flat. That’s why it is always something special for me when friends from that time come to visit me here in Luneburg.

Thank you to all my guests from the last 4 months!