Dear guest,

the German Railway extends the platform of the trainstation Lueneburg West at the rear of our house.

Construction work will already start in April as I was told yesterday!

The first stage of construction work takes place April 1st until June 8th 2019 mostly but not exclusively during the night between monday and saturday from 9pm until 7am.

Room 1 (double room) which has its window facing that direction will be closed, considering that you probably won’t find any sleep there during the reconstruction work.

I can’t say how the work will affect the rest of the house.

I will buy wax earplugs for everyone just in case.

For your inquiries and bookings please keep in mind that it will be louder than it usually is.

I sincerely hope that the work will not make it impossible to sleep in the hostel and that they don’t take longer than scheduled.

Thanks for your understanding!